Stage Curtain Usage In Public Area

Stage Curtain
Stage Curtain

When using stage draperies and stage curtain in the public area such as school, universities, theatre, auditorium and performance arts center it is important to consider using the flame retardant fabric for fire safety reason. Most of the local fire and rescue department authority require that such drapery fabrics used in such places be certified as fire retardant.

Consider this all fabric will burn when there is fire and some fabric has more resistant to fire than others. Those that are more flammable can have their fire resistance drastically improved by treatment with flame retardant chemicals.

Fabric such as cotton and linen if untreated can ignite quickly and resulting in spreading flame fast to other area. The ignition and burn factors of fabric are typically affected by the weight and weave of the fabric. Most of the fabric surface texture such as napped fabric (for velvets and velours) will ignite easily than smooth surface type.

So do I need to use flame retardant fabric as curtain? In most answer is yes if you are installing the curtain to be used in public places in auditorium and large hall. It also complies with local fire department requirement. It is wise to check with them before starting the curtain design. Ensuring the safety of the public means that anyone utilizing drapery fabrics in a public space, such as for stage drapery, stage curtains and special event décor, needs to be aware of the potential for fire – and take steps to reduce that risk to the greatest extent possible.